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Meet the Team

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LiSára: Founder, Sexy Sound Healing

LiSára grew up at the intersection of many cultures and hails from lineages of medicine women and Civil Rights educators who worked with Martin Luther King Jr. She is America’s 1st woman of color (WOC) to graduate as a forensic linguist🙌🏽 Trained with the FBI Linguist who broke the Unabomber case of the 1990s. She's also performed for global audiences of up to 15,000 in multiple languages. 


After years growing businesses as a decolonized leadership coach, DEI consultant and antiracism educator, she recognized the true calling in her intuition and both seeks to share that with others and encourage others to open to their intuitive intelligence as well.


The “calling” was, in fact, a remembrance: of being a little girl and seeing the color & patterns of that South American shamans experience when meeting with ayahuasca. Tracing with her eyes the numbers and light language codes down the walls of her childhood bedroom late at night. Getting messages to help heal those stuck in the hospital beds. Of knowing that her true dream — which she’d already been conditioned to keep a secret — was to both bring music to the masses and inspire people into their most powerful energy. 


Discovering her intuitive skill of vocal channeling — vocalizing in a telepathic conversation with people's energy fields that clear their emotional and energetic blockages — is what created the foundations of Sexy Sound Healing (SSH).


Inside SSH she channels “The Weekly Dose:” a short "dose" of music medicine channeled for the energy fields of its members at that specific time, within the context of what’s happening in the collective that week. LiSára also leads live Virtual Sound Spas and personalized intuitive readings each month, hosts regular trainings in the Facebook Community, and is the brainchild behind both Sexy Sound Healing services and the upcoming Sexy Sound Healing podcast.

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Her words:

"I founded SSH as a 3-part response to what I saw was missing in both the sound healing space and the music industry: 

#1 Sound Healing was missing the multi-dimensionality: sound frequencies are supportive for your specific energy field at different times depending on what you need. I wanted to have a space that both prioritized personalization as well as gives you an experience of healing through all kinds of music, not only slow meditative music. 

#2 You deserve to have music to dance & chill and get lit to that also provides your body with healing frequencies. For some reason the music industry tunes their music to a frequency that causes disharmony, so we’re correcting that in our Sexy Sound Selection music catalog!


#3 I wanted a community-empowered space where you could have tools to directly link healing frequencies to implementing real transformative results in your life that impact health, relationships, wealth and overall wellbeing." 


Fun facts:

💋Began songwriting at age 6 📝 and playing percussion at age 10 🥁

💋Discovered her intuitive skill of vocal channeling at an “Emotional Labor” Day party 

💋Dances to anything, everything, and nothing. Often. 💃🏽

💋Has two biological sisters who have different colored skin, hair, and eyes  👀

💋Spent years as a nomad✈️ and has lived in 10 cities in 6 countries on 4 continents 🌏🌍


What we love about LiSára:

Her blood is 100% truth teller. No poker face. She is inspirational AF, always has ideas and a vision, and naturally thinks differently…even if we’re not ready for it. LiSára rejects the notion of “being the voice for the voiceless,” instead guiding people to find recognize and use their voices. She’s vivacious, lights up the room when she walks in, and you can’t help but feel a little better after being in her playful energy. 

Nathan Dennen: Executive Producer, SSH

Multi-genre Multi-instrumentalist, whose solo musical catalog ranges from ragamuffin to soul, rap, funk, rock, and more recently, soundscapes for intimate meditative, emotional, sensual, binaural beats, and sound healing journeys. 


His speciality is using chords, notes, and playing with resonance and dissonance to evoke specific feelings in the listener.


Nathan has both toured the country performing on stages and at festivals for crowds of hundreds, he has sat in as a songwriter, studio musician, and/or producer in many studio sessions. His music has been heard on all continents except Antartica!


He has a Masters of Nonprofit Administration and for 10 years educated and supported thousands of nonprofits across the United States with their growth and development, managed youth programs, and aided children with autism. 


As SSH’s Executive Producer, Nathan creates original productions and engineers scientifically proven healing frequencies for the Sexy Sound Selection (SSS): our proprietary music catalog for licensing. He also heads production of SSH Personalized, sound journeys for individuals and healing practitioners, as well as branded jingles for podcasts and other B2B marketing needs.

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Fun facts:

🌹Plays (piano/keys, guitar, bass, banjo, hand percussion etc) by ear 👂

🌹Began playing piano at age 6 🎹

🌹Balances ridiculous in-the-moment dad jokes with philosophical existential questions ☺️

🌹Makes mean sauces/salsas with ingredients straight from the garden 🌶

🌹Sings to the sounds of any engine or appliance, harmonizing with the unique frequencies most do not hear or notice

What we love about Nathan:

This guy is solid: he’s laid back and has a peaceful presence that makes you feel instantly calm. Quietly intuitive, outwardly silly, and always waiting for his moment to crack the next joke to lighten the mood. And he’s a timely virgo who revels in the details & gets the job done. ✅

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