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The audio streaming service revolutionizing

the sound healing experience.

What They Say:

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"This app has been a huge resource in supporting my nervous system make the shifts it was craving."

Sound Healing REIMAGINED

Traditionally, sound healing is understood as the sounds of specific instruments from traditional cultures, with or without vocals, and almost exclusively meditative in nature. 


With advances in both science and music technology, so much more is possible.


Pulling research from the fields of neuroscience, psychoacoustics, life coaching, applied sociolinguistics, audio engineering, ethnomusicology, breathwork, and embodied somatic studies,


We are revolutionizing the music healing experience: bridging ancient wisdom with current frequency technologies and multi-genre music for on-demand transformational experiences you cannot find anywhere else.

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How it Works

Our growing catalog of healing audios and curated experiences are uniquely and meticulously designed to meet every part of you throughout every part of your day and life. With the convenience of our on-demand streaming service, you focus on the journey, experience, and outcome you desire.

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✅ Got the tools to navigate crippling anxiety at her high pressure job...and uses them!💯

🔥 Results 🔥

Sound Healing for Your Entire Life

Going beyond meditation: sounds, healing, and transformation for every area of your life. From music to process trauma and healing, to party and love-making music, to transformational vocal activations and intuitive development, there is always something you can turn to inside Sexy Sound Healing to support, release, amplify, and uplift, and/or celebrate!

Why Sexy?

"Sexy" describes the vital life force energy that flows in every living being. This is your internal energetic source that easily releases what no longer serves, magnetizes and creates life, transcends difference, and empowers. You can learn to harness and use in any & every area of your life. When you access it, you experience coming home to self, and an ease in how you go about life and work.


Instead of weakening your immunity by ignoring your emotions, process them in minutes' time and get back to your day. Feel centered & grounded. Bring deeper experiences into more carnal activities like love-making and partying. Connect to something greater within you. Learn to trust yourself, your voice and your body. Access untapped intuitive intelligence. Practice being less distracted by the world, and more aligned with your focus. Feel more self love and self commitment. Get energized for a big presentation, pitch, or performance. Get to sleep and create calm when you want it.

Join the thousands across the world:
 the SSH app!


"I love the variety of activities in this app, to do when I want in the privacy of my own home. To know that I share the sound healing experience with others across the country and world, makes me feel connected to like-minded individuals that “get” it.
Another bonus for me personally is the awakening of my Native American ancestry.  Many of the chants touch my soul in a way I can’t really describe.”

Pamela, Nurse

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The 5 Myths of
Sound Healing

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