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Remembrance: Intuitive intelligence, Sensuality and Prosperity

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Remembrance is a 2-hour ceremonial synthesis...
An embodied healing + soul-filling harmonizing of your divinity, sensuality, and prosperity...with exclusive Sexy Sound Healing!



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Join us LIVE to:

  • Embody your release of mental, physical and emotional barriers that have had you “stuck”

  • Identify, Access, and learn to trust your intuitive powers

  • Summon your sovereignty through guided breath work and your natural sensuality systems,

  • Activate new neural pathways of self-connection and self awareness so that you can experience more alignment, peace, and prosperity everyday

  • Cultivate mind/body/spirit clarity of the next step on your divinely called path

  • Experience a new perspective on your prosperity and create a path to living it


Leave with:

  • A personalized ritual tool so that you begin to experience your next-level prosperity in every area of your life, NOW

  • Gifts! You’ll receive an yummy just-for-you gift for joining *LIVE* and being with us all the way through
    And you’ll have an opportunity to join us in the Sexy Sound Healing hub for our official “Shh!” Release!


This is the MASTER YOURSELF ceremony … in the most pleasurable of ways! ANDDD This retreat like experience is available to you right now for *F R E E*



What we'll do:

In the first hour: Release & Perceive: Embodied release ceremony + Accessing your next-level intuition

In the second hour: Alchemize: Plan your Prosperity and discover Sexy Sound Healing!

What to Expect:

Expect to bring comfy clothes that make you feel like the royalty you are, as you’ll be dancing into divinity releasing some big energies and calling in even bigger ones

We’ll send you more details on how to prepare when you sign up :D





Get a chance to win a 1-hour Sacred Sound Healing Journey with LiSára!
Valued at $1,000


See you there!

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