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Join the #SexySoundHealing Prosperity Challenge!

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This 7-day challenge runs from Sept 7-13th, with 3 days of live training Sept 7, 8, 9 and a celebratory live Virtual Sound Spa on the 14th! 

👇 Get access now! 👇

Outcomes you'll experience​:

  1. Identify your unique & most powerful flavor of "sexy," that opens you to more potential

  2. Discover your current "set point" around prosperity and abundance 

  3. Create your own fast & *easy* personalized plan for attracting, holding and growing prosperity using sound healing

  4. Get free access to the SSH app to practice applying your plan so that you experience true lasting change

  5. Receive channeled messages, healing, and self-guided coaching throughout to support you where you are in real time, right now, to make it happen!

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