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Grow your intuition, connect to clarity, and experience prosperity with convenience, fun💃🏽 and personalized support! With proven frequencies of sound.

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"I did the math, and this is my highest grossing month ever. And I don't feel like a burned-out crispy critter.  I've been making time for the things I love and overall feel happy and relaxed."

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You KNOW. You’re ready to

Call in more prosperity into your life, love and/or business.
Unleash your full voice, expression and visibility.

While growing your intuition, trusting it, and having so much more fun & pleasure everyday!

Embody your liberation everyday.
On YOUR terms.

YOU GET TO LIVE THAT WAY NOW when you shift your narrative.


And, you get to be supported without spending all day on a group coaching call with random people who don't get you, months galavanting the world to "find" yourself, or hours on end trying the same healing methods to no avail.

You maybe had no idea that you could use sound healing frequencies to get these kind of results, but you do get that healing customized for your real-time needs clears the path to the life you want to life.

Now you can access this healing whenever you want.

Experiencing the real life shifts, growth and TRANSFORMATION.

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In the meantime,

You can have all the mindset & strategy tools  ... but if you’re not actively using them, none of that matters.

You can recite all the spiritual masters' wise words...

But if you’re not LIVING them, then it’s just information.


You can even listen to the long @$$ meditations online to feel good for a moment, but without integrating it you'll come right back to your old mindset patterns.


Especially when shit hits the fan: clients stop paying, job layoffs, everyone getting sick at the exact wrong time, random unfathomable ish that's been popping up since 2020.

👉 If the disconnect between what *you say* you desire (when you let yourself admit it all) and what you experience has you multitasking at every turn, lacking support & ease, overwhelmed on the regular, no spaciousness, inner child screaming for attention, and/or struggling with the stories in your head,

Then it’s time for a change.


THIS time, create and KEEP your peace of mind and clarity no matter what.

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The world’s 1st personalized channeled sound healing app to help you improve your mental health, develop your spirit & intuitive powers, and embody true liberation  🙌🏽 for prosperity on your terms

Connecting with YOUR DIVINE POWER and intuition 
🌟 So that you TRUST IT and LIVE FROM it. Society at large teaches us not to trust it.

🌟 The SSH community provides both opportunities to practice of self-trust AND examples of those living abundantly in this way


Reclaiming your sensuality and your life-force energy (the “sexy” in Sexy Sound Healing)

🌹 Get out of your head's endless mind chatter of internalized disempowering stories.
Activate your most prosperous energy with SSH music, personalized intuitive readings and Channeled Messages, making your everyday more juicy and fun!💦

Practically applying this reclamation in your life for inside-out PROSPERITY

💋 Do better than sporadic “self care.” Take regular aligned action so that you experience the inside-out benefits of prosperity throughout the areas of your life.

This is PRACTICAL Spirituality.
This is not "new age" and we don’t do vanilla.

This is ancient healing for a modern world with real-life results.

Real-time channeled healing at anytime

The Weekly Dose: Our signature music medicine offers you on-demand channeled healings in response to your energy field's needs every week. Receive the accompanying Channeled Messages that explain what's releasing, activating and what you can expect that week.
PLUS self-guided Coaching Questions (CQs) and Affirmations so that you take aligned actions and live your dream life now. 😎

Events & Personalized Support

Gather for our members' only Virtual Sound Spas every month to relax into deep meditative cleansing & healing, and receive your Personalized Intuitive Readings at the monthly Live Q&A so that you can quickly move through confusion and get the clarity and support to connect to your unique truth, experience ease and take aligned action. ✨

On-demand Music You can't find ANYWHERE ELSE

Sexy Sound Selection: Choose from a growing array of ancestral & chakra meditations, playtime, dance, chill, and sexy time music, binaural beats and specific scientifically proven healing frequencies to optimize your brain & body each day. Get healing no matter what you're doing in your day -- just press PLAY! ▶️ 
And we keep it fresh💯 with new aduios every week! 

Community Empowerment & Growth ✊🏽

Join an intimate yet global community of like-minded leaders. Access regular mini-courses without the fluff inside the Training Terrain. Ask questions; receive support! 

Track your progress with the convenience of your app, and/or ask for accountability inside our unique & diverse community (SUPER neurodivergent friendly! 👋). No distracting social media algorithms.

The SSH Secret Sauce

Welcome Members Packet SSH (3).png

🔥Real-life Results 🔥

✅ Her highest month in business EVER! 

✅ Landed her dream job!

✅ Grew business without burnout

✅ Connecting to ancestors and experiencing healing

✅ Connecting to her recently transitioned parent

✅ Feeling safer in his own body and confident enough to connect with potential partners 

✅ Activated her third eye

✅ Learned to interpret the messages she was trying to decipher from guides in her dream state

✅ Gained clarity to create the now award-winning podcast

✅ Received structure and strength to navigate the greatest shake up of her life: divorce, surgery, transitioned residence
✅ Got the tools to navigate her crippling anxiety...and uses them!💯

Your version of this is available for you too. 
Sexy Sound Healing is your convenient, easy, on-the-go partner that will take you there.

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"Sound healing is amazing in person so having the membership is the next best thing. Sound healing at my fingertips!"

Where do these results come from?

There’s no such thing as a magic pill, but in Sexy Sound Healing do you get a “dose” of music medicine (that’s actually what it’s called) every week! SSH can change your life over time when YOU SHOW UP for it. Here's how:


In SSH we guide you step-by-step with secrets that some of the world’s most known household names have used to create their success. 

👉 The ability to make a decision quickly and TRUST it.

👉 The ability to separate themselves from distractions and SHOW UP, consistently.

👉 The simple structures and processes that would have them appear disciplined when actually they’re just capitalizing on their habitual human nature for their max benefit…then becoming “disciplined” as a result.


This is about creating micro-shifts in your inner world lead to monumental shifts in your outer world. 


💋Structures to develop a simple, easy and fun routine in just a few minutes a day

💋Tracking and notifications to keep you accountable 

💋Weekly channeled healings and messages that clear energetic and emotional blocks in your system so that you can show up for the life you want to live 

💋1:1 support every month

💋Intimate Community for encouragement

💋A full catalog of scientifically proven sound frequencies so that you can get the RIGHT frequencies and healings when you need them

💋Easy-to-use app so that you can access healing and support on your time whenever you need it


This is premium healing with convenience and community all in one!

What Others Say

Carrie outdoor.jpg


“I've been curious about sound healing and solfeggio frequencies for years, but have been completely blown away with how beautiful and magical and deeply therapeutic LiSara's personal sound healings are. 


It's felt like the most perfect gift I didn't even know I needed when I signed up to Sexy Sound Healing. So thankful to have LiSára's beautiful music medicine partner with me as I traverse some major life transitions.”

Renee Hilliard, M.D..jpg

"LiSára helped me manage the fear and anxiety of expressing myself. She helped me gain clarity around my true identity and what it is I want to offer.  LiSára helped me get to a place of feeling worthy of receiving. 


She showed me by her example that a successful business can also include self-care, ease, fun and pleasure. Thank you LiSára!”


Vangile Makwakwa

"I would literally feel my body start to release trauma. And a few days later, I would feel how my mindset had shifted. And of course, what was awesome for me was that I could feel my ancestors would come up, and I would also get this incredible ancestral guidance. So I want to say if you had all feeling called to do any of LiSára's work, and her sound healing sessions, please don't overthink it. Go for it. She's incredible. She really is the real deal. This work has been tremendously life changing and healing for me. Thank you so much, LiSára.”

Renee Hilliard, MD

Hey gorgeous 💋 I’m LiSára.

I’m a Forbes-featured entrepreneur, healer, and vocal channel. I was America's 1st WOC forensic linguist graduate, and I am a descendant of both medicine women and Civil Rights educators who worked with Martin Luther King Jr in the 1960s. I've studied music and sound frequencies for years, even mentoring with Beyoncé's dad.

I know what it is to go first, to carry a tradition, build on the foundations, and I also have learned to break the harmful cycles of past and create a new paradigm. 


I learned and grew the hard way. The slow way. My undiagnosed ADHD brain used to keep me up all night spinning my wheels with nothing to show for it. Once upon a time I couldn’t even charge $100 for my services, and then create a 6-figure business that getting paid multiple 5-figures from an individual client. There was a time when I was afraid to spend any money on anything that wasn’t a specific need for survival. My last investment was $50,000, paid in full.


More importantly than anything else is the experience of inner peace and JOY in my life everyday, no matter what: when the client stopped making payments, when the layoffs happened, when the family member was rushed off in an ambulance to ICU, when everyone got the ‘Vid all at once, from me… how you show up when real life sh*t hits the fan and you gotta handle it. 


You don’t control everything that happens, but you choose how you show up in and for every single thing you desire.

Welcome Members Packet SSH (4).png
women excited

Monthly Value

Channeled Music Medicine

Channeled Messages

“Your Weekly Wisdom” Coaching Questions (CQs) + Affirmations

Exclusive Sexy Sound Selection

The Community

Monthly Live Virtual Sound Spa

Monthly Personalized Intuitive Readings










Pay Now

💋 Pricing 💋

Prices are in US dollars.

Billed Annually: Save over $200!

Billed Monthly

Price increases in the new year.

[Join Now, cancel anytime.]
Happy Family
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If you're not receiving the immense value from our weekly healings, monthly members only events, and anytime healings, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

More of what people say

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What Others Say

Julie Pulido.JPG

Julie Pulido

“I jumped in on an offer LiSára made for a personal sound healing and a reading on what’s blocking me. I had never experienced one, but I was like sure, I’m in. Why not?


Holy Sh*t, she was SPOT ON! I was floored. And I crossed a bridge that changed my trajectory.

She’s an amazing, multi-talented, multifaceted woman. 


PSA, she’s right on the money with her healings and readings. I have been propelled forward in the best way possible.”

Shereen Sun.jpeg

“Having LiSára offer her sound healing work in my business mentorship community provided a powerful opportunity for people to take up space and be witnessed in their full self expression. LiSára's work is totally a unique and dynamic healing experience that I think can only be truly understood through experience. LiSára's presence will help you embody liberation on a cellular level so that you can share your unique offering in the world with more love and less limitations.”

Pamela White.jpg

Pamela White

This practice, partnered with my meditation, prayer, and exercise practices enhance my life in many ways.  The ritual of “allowing” myself quiet time to relax, listen, feel the vibrations of the music bowls, is a gift

that I give myself. I need to slow down and this is just the ticket!

To know that I share the sound healing experience with others across the country and world, makes me feel connected to like-minded individuals that “get” the importance of self-care and nurture.

Another bonus for me personally is the awakening of my Native American ancestry.  Many of the chants touch my soul in a way I can’t really describe. For that realization, and for LiSara’s loving service, I am truly grateful.”

Shereen Sun

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if Sexy Self Actualized is for me?
    SSA is for those who think differently, live uniquely, and want to live life on their own terms. You want to live passionately and experience your FULL potential. Maybe you're an entrepreneur or freelancer...maybe you're an employee and/or intrapreneur…regardless, you know there is more beyond the veil of the media and socially constructed narratives. You are ready to create your own reality, truly. Some other ways you might know this is for you: 🎼 You are curious about sound and perhaps notice your own sensitivities to sound and/or how sound affects you. 🎼 You are ready to disconnect from old beliefs or patterns keeping you stuck in place. 🎼 You want to cultivate your own intuitive skills and uncover your own truths, knowing and trusting your own intuition. 🎼 You want convenient on-the-go support on your own schedule that doesn't ask you to give up half your day to do it. 🎼 You may be reclaiming embodiment as a part of your experience of divinity. 🎼 You love the idea of receiving healing from all music, whether you're meditating, working out, moving around, sleeping, working, dancing, playing, making love, and every other thing you do when you're just living your life! If any of the above resonates, then Sexy Self Actualized is THE place for you! 💋 If you're still unsure ... that's why we have the monthly subscription option. Hop in there and let your experience be your guide!💯
  • How do I get the most out of Sexy Self Actualized?
    SSA is your opportunity to release baggage and replace it with activations that awaken your potential, enliven your body and empower your voice. To come home to yourself and connect to your intuition, ancestors, guides. To live more abundantly and prosperously on your terms. To get *the most* out of SSA and maximize your experience, you'll want three things: Headphones. This way you'll get the best quality sound, and in the case of binaural frequencies, you need them to experience the healing. Develop the habit of listening to the weekly MM doses. They are always <10minutes and come with Channeled Messages to help you interpret what the healing offered. You can stop to listen or even listen on the go (as we often do!). This will make it easier for you to clear blocks ready for release + open up to all prosperity waiting for you! Review the self-guided Coaching Questions (CQs) each week. This will help you *apply* the healing for real results and lasting change in your life. Find ways to listen that coincide with habits/practices you already have (i.e. wake up/sleep routine, walking an animal, cleaning/cooking/chores) or create a specific time & space so you develop your practice and begin to experience transformation in your life. Ultimately, the more you engage the more you will get out of it. Members who share the biggest results are those who show up regularly, listen to the trainings and implement the lessons, interact with other members, receive regular personalized readings from LiSára, and listen to the MM doses each week.
  • What is the time / energy commitment?
    SSA was specifically designed to be a self-guided experience with options to receive support when you decide. Engage with it how you want. The key to the big shifts & results is to develop a simple habit you can engage daily. Listen to the channeled MM doses (always under 10min) whenever you want throughout your day. Our two monthly live virtual events are each 60min long and are all recorded. You’ll also have fast, easy & portable healing support to keep you going and tracking your progress inside the app! Get healing in as little time as it takes you to walk to your car. It gets to be that easy to give yourself healing that makes the difference.💯
  • I’ve never heard of sound healing / music medicine. Give it to me simple!
    Science shows us that certain sound frequencies can create healing in our brains and bodies. (Mainstream music does not use these sounds.) Healing = creating / restoring harmony. Sound healing has been used for things like brain damage & PTSD, reducing effects of neurological diseases … and you can also experience deeper self awareness, access to / trust in intuition, clarity of ideas and direction, and even directly relating to bringing in more funds, as many members have experienced. Because our bodies are mostly water, sound frequencies -- which are carried through sound waves -- permeate our bodies whether we're consciously aware of not. Thus, to experience the healing effects of sound in Sexy Sound Healing, just press play! That said, not all sound healing is equal and there are plenty of frequencies that cause destruction (and are used against us daily). Knowing you're getting *the right frequencies* for your healing is crucial, and that's why we take the utmost care with what we source for our healing. (Also why any ol' YouTube video might not cut it. Misinformation all over the internet.) In Sexy Sound Healing we take it a step further by offering not only sound healing for meditation, but also including an entire music catalog that merges sounds of mainstream music with these proven frequencies so that you can get healing no matter what you're doing. Just press play. ▶️
  • What if I’m not all about the sexy?
    The “Sexy” in Sexy Self Actualized is not s*x. "Sexy" is the vital life force energy you've been taught (patriarchy, whyte supremacy, colonization) to fear, be ashamed of and feel guilty about. This energy is also the innate power we all have as humans that you can cultivate and use to create, manifest, and live your most lit up 🌟 life everyday on your terms. If you feel yourself drawn, trust this medicine is for you. You can cancel anytime.
  • I like sound healing but it’s free online.
    Two things: 1. Listening to frequencies is only one part of the equation. 2. You can listen to a healing frequency all day long but if it's not the frequencies you need at the time, you're likely missing out on the full potential and power of healing for you. 1. Listening to most sound healing can support calm and nervous system regulation. (Not always -- we've had members share about traumatizing moments with other sound healers' playing). Temporary calm does not go to the root of what's causing the issue. You also need the CLEARING of things keeping you stuck, and the activation of what will replace that formerly blocked area. That’s why in SSH we focus every week on music that supports clearing & releasing along with Activations you're ready for when you're ready for them (instead of blowing out your system in the name of “quantum leaping” without stabilizing). 2. SSH is unique in that you receive weekly doses of Music Medicine (MM) channeled according to your energy field's real-time needs for that week. You receive messages that explain what's happening + opportunities for self-guided coaching so that you consciously understand what you're processing, which makes the healing more effective. You also have the option of receiving regular personalized intuitive readings so that you get personalized tools you can implement based on what *your guidance* is saying you need. (This alone has led to life-changing experiences in many members' lives!) You also practice and learn how to better connect with your own guidance so that you're empowered with your own intuitive intelligence as you strengthen your life force energy and overall prosperity. Youtube videos can help you get calm with ear candy, but they’re very not going to lead you to the full embodiment of your self actualization without additional tools and support.💯
  • How is this different?
    Musically, SSA is unique in that it: We call it The Weekly Dose: channeled Music Medicine (MM) that releases specific emotional and energetic blockages in those who are in Sexy Sound Healing that particular week. (It’s a dose because the recording is short—never more than 10min—and you can listen as easily as you’d pop a vitamin for your health!) Nowhere can you get on-demand music that is specifically created in response to your real-time energy field needs. This is more than meditation music. Sexy Sound Healing (SSH) -- our proprietary music catalog merges sounds of modern music with proven healing frequencies so that you can experience healing whether you're sleeping, working, dancing, playing or...setting the mood 😉. Just press play! ▶️ In SSA we go far beyond just the music itself. With Sexy Self Actualized, you can choose your "Passage Play." This is a particular course of trainings, healings, and regular reinforcements for you based on an area of interest you want to focus on, i.e. empowering your voice, becoming more embodied, trauma support & mindset shifting, etc. Between your weekly Channeled Messages, regular trainings, and self-guided coaching questions, understand and *apply* the healing for real-life results💯 Join our live virtual events every month (even if by phone only) and receive 1:1 personalized readings & guidance as you strengthen your ability to embody your sexy and prosperous energy. Get Sexy Sound Healing music across genres, time lengths, intentions and journeys that you literally cannot find ANYWHERE else online. Community! With our in-app community, forego distractions of social media to connect, share, and receive support. There is quite simply nothing like this. More than music, more than courses, more than a platform. The space, resources and spiritual guidance so that you get exactly what you need when you need it, on your terms.
  • I’m highly skeptical.
    We appreciate healthy skepticism! We like to call it discernment. We also understand that unfortunately there is not yet anything else out there quite like SSA, so more explanation can be helpful. Here’s the simple breakdown: You are human. Your spirit; your soul IS part of your nature. Just as you learned to use your mind to get you this far, you can learn to connect to the vast inner wisdom of your soul. This is hands down one of THE MOST rewarding experiences that makes all the superficial sh*t — money, internet attention etc — that much more fun to experience, because you get to have it knowing you don’t need it. Take it from our members who too were skeptical but allowed themselves to trust the deeper calling, receive what many call "spot-on" personalized readings, get clarity and access their intuition in ways they didn’t even know were possible. It’s ALL possible. And, the science. In our growing Training Terrain you will learn: 🙌🏽 the science of sound healing, frequency, vibration, 🙌🏽 the psychosomatics of embodied transformation, 🙌🏽 the sociolinguistic, psycholinguistic means of decolonizing and embodying liberation, and 🙌🏽 practical guides to create healthy habits you can commit to (even as a distracted ADHD commitment phobe, as LiSára once was) 🌟🌟🌟 so that you finally live the lifestyle that feels most juicy AF and abundant for you. PS - you're reading this for a reason. Trust your guidance that led you to this point. We have everyone from super skeptics to other sound healers, artists, mommas, busy AF businesswomen, entertainment industry professionals, those dealing with chronic illness, calling in more money and dream jobs and also having the biggest rupture of their lives in divorce, moving, and looking to create new direction in their lives. Wherever you are, SSA meets you there. We honor your journey. If it feels safer, sign up for a shorter time frame subscription, get your personalized intuitive reading, receive The Weekly Dose, commit to showing up and implementing for a short period of time. Then you'll know :)
  • What if I can’t make the live events?
    All live Virtual events are recorded and shared in the Events & Replays section inside the platform. For Intuitive Readings and Live Q&A events, you always pre-submit your Question/Share. If you cannot be there live you'll see/hear the reading on the recording. You also have access to the in-app community to share your intentions for the Virtual Sound Spas. As with the weekly MM doses, all sounds are channeled for you during the Virtual Sound Spas whether you're physically present or not. (And some join the Sound Spa when they're working just to be in the supportive energy.)
  • Is this just another "self care?"
    You can think of this as self care, and that would be a gross understatement. This is a space where you can experience complete mind, body, spirit transformation. More than a feel-good moment, you can create a feel-good LIFE where you feel ALIVE and on purpose. What would be possible for you if you trusted yourself in every decision you made? If you stopped living in survival and lived with more regularly embodied joy, passion, freedom, pleasure? What if you mind was no longer feeding you stories of not being good enough, belonging, or worthy? How much money would you save, how much would you earn? How much time would you win back from second-guessing yourself? How much more love could you allow in? What dreams would you let yourself manifest? This is what people come here to experience.
  • Is this … woo?
    Sound healing is also one of the oldest forms of healing on the planet, and is a recognized form of healing therapy for many kinds of ailments and illnesses. The effects and benefits of music are well documented in growing bodies of scientific research with patients with neurological ailments, easing calm & anxiety, and the list goes on. While we are not licensed therapists, we source expertise through years of experience, generations of healer lineages and member results. Sexy Sound Healing combines the science (psychoacoustics, physiology, neuroscience, psychosomatics, linguistics, quantum physics, engineering & production), the art (musical artistry), and rich intuitive guidance for you to awaken your intuitive intelligence, connect with your greatest sovereign potential, and experience prosperity in every area of your life alongside an intimate global community of trailblazers leading the kind of collective empowerment the world needs at this time.
  • How do I know the music medicine doses are channeled for me?
    Once you join SSA, your consciousness and energy field becomes part of the whole SSA community. This means that when LiSára goes into ceremony to channel, she pulls from the collective SSA energetic field, and the medicine created supports you.
  • I want to get SSA for my (group of friends, organization, family, community, etc). How can I do this?
    Email us at with 1. your company or organization information, 2. total number of people, and 3. the specifics of what you're looking for. Excited to hear from you and explore how we can support you!
  • What’s the refund policy and terms?
    There are no refunds. You can cancel at any time no questions asked. To cancel your subscription, simply email us at no less than 72hrs before your next scheduled payment, and you’ll have access to SSA for the remainder of your subscription period. Our email office hours are Monday- Thursday 12-4pm PT (California time). That said, when you show up consistently and experience what's possible in your life with SSA, we don’t think you’ll want to cancel. 💦 View our Terms & Conditions HERE.
  • Okay wow! This is exciting! What do I do next?
    Sign up! Click here or scroll up to choose your subscription plan. Once you sign up, you’ll receive email confirmation with immediate access to Sexy Self Actualized to set your goals and start enjoying!
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